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We’ve Moved to 89 Thames Street!  

Blink Gallery interior -and looking in
Blink Gallery interior- looking out

Newport Photographs

Newport Photographs

Newport Photographs

Travel & Adventure

Metal Prints

The Alexander Nesbitt Fine Art Photography collection on aluminum available in custom sizes and a variety of finishes

Local Artists
Fine art photography of Newport and around the world, small original paintings, unique items for the home, and locally-made gifts

CURRENTLY @ Blink Gallery

Photography by Alexander Nesbitt

Blink exhibits work by Newport photographer Alexander Nesbitt and is stocked with a wide selection of his images in a variety of finishes. Nesbitt is a photographer and maker with many fabrication skills and he offers dramatic custom solutions with his artwork.  Also of interest is are his self made metal prints with a hand brushed edge to the image – revealing the aluminum below.  Nesbitt is perhaps best known for his award-winning multi-panel collages and we usually have a large one on display.  For gifts and little spots in the home he continues to hand make his popular plywood mounted photo blocks.   His work is all printed in town in his Newport studio.

Our Local Art Collection

While we get settled in our new location, we have a limited selection of items from talented artists including clever Rhode Island themed illustrations of Beth Braganca Bell, David Allyn’s ceramic “Thirsty” cups, and original carbon fiber jewelry by Diana Hall alongside the vast photography collection of Alexander Nesbitt. We’re looking forward to mixing it up with new work from artists we love in the coming months. Stay tuned!

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Artwork Size Guide: Fit & Impact

artwork size
Choosing the right size artwork is a challenge as old as homes. We’re offering a few pointers on getting the size and impact just right.

“You Need Art!”

Fine Art, Photography, Newport Art, Local Artist, Unique Home Goods, Locally-made, Newport Gifts, Travel Art, Handmade
You can invest in something that tells you every day that you have what you need. Something that reminds you that  life is more than a struggle and in some measure a product of your aspirations and dreams.

Featured Photo: Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro
After being in the orphanages, Sandy was quite aware of the impact it had on him – brought him down to Earth, thinking, let’s keep this real. Let’s turn this into something impactful. The photos were initially difficult to take. He was searching for something epic, emotional, or with drama, but instead was enchanting a one dimensional story. Click here for the full story!

Artwork Categories

New Works

  • Castle Hill Aluminum print – Handcoated

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  • The Money Sign photo as a photo block

    Money Photo Block

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  • Image of a Del's Lemonade truck on hand prepared aluminum. Artwork by Alexander Nesbitt

    Aluminum print – Handcoated – “Del’s”

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  • Sunset off the coast of Koh Lanta, Thailand. Photograph by Alexander Nesbitt

    Aluminum print – Handcoated – “Koh Lanta”

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  • Aluminum print – Handcoated – “Village Girls”

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  • Handmade aluminum print, Newport Bridge

    Newport Bridge Aluminum print – Handcoated – “Clear Night”

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  • buoy tree image, hand coated aluminum

    Aluminum print – Handcoated – “Buoy Tree”

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  • Harbor ripples as a 12x24" hand coated Aluminum print

    Hand Coated Aluminum print – of “Harbor Ripples”

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  • Blue Dusk, Newport Bridge Aluminum print - hand coated

    Newport Bridge Aluminum print – Handcoated – “Blue Dusk”

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  • Newport gift special floormat and blanket

    Newport Gift Special combo: Floor mat + Map Blanket

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  • newport sewer cover, doormat

    Newport Manhole Cover doormat – custom made felt

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  • Mendocino coast at Point Arena

    Mendocino Coast

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A Few More Favorites