Commissions & Custom Sizes

custom canvas, newport ri_ artwork ©Alexander Nesbitt
A custom panoramic canvas print installed in a home in Newport, RI – interior photo by Andrea Pietrangeli

A Helping Hand on your Quest to find Artwork you Love

When it comes to finding a piece of art you love, you have two options. You can visit countless galleries hoping to find the perfect piece in just the right size, or you can design it yourself and save hours of anxiety and aimless wandering. We are here to help you design an artwork you know you will love. With our archive of beautiful and awe-inspiring fine art images, mastery of materials, and cumulative years of experience to guide you, buying art for your home or office can be a rewarding and exciting experience.

What we offer:

  • Limited edition prints in standard sizes OR one-of-a-kind artworks made to your size specifications
  • Your choice of dye-sublimation aluminum prints in matte or glossy finish, hand-coated and stretched gallery-wrapped canvas, or matted and framed archival digital prints
  • Digital renderings of your room with your chosen image and finish shown to scale
  • In-home/office consultations for large projects
  • Installation of your custom work

dye sub rendering_nesbitt cabarettedye sub rendering_nesbitt venezuela - artwork images ©Alexander Nesbitt

About the photography collection:

Blink Gallery® has exclusive access to the Alexander Nesbitt Fine Art Photo Collection which includes thousands of landmark scenes from Newport, Rhode Island and aspirational world travel images. Taken over a 20 year time period, Nesbitt’s work winds multiple threads of style and substance together. This collection gives you the choice of known scenes, like the Newport Bridge at sunset, or the abstract essence of a place like glittering water rippling along a shoreline. Alexander “Sandy” Nesbitt is involved in the process of making each print offering careful oversight, design suggestions, or by making the entire physical object. Learn more about the life and on-going career of Sandy here.

Sandy welcomes you to begin your journey by browsing through the images available on the website or by visiting Blink Gallery in Newport for more ideas and samples. Blink’s staff is quite knowledgeable and can help you get most any project started. For complex problems and questions, you’re welcome to visit or call Nesbitt’s photography studio (401.847.4255) or schedule an appointment for a consultation.