John Redick | Painter

John at work in studio

John Redick’s style is unusual. His paintings are strong and striking, and often stir in people a sense of wonder. Using a pour technique, John harnesses the fluidity of his medium to shape the composition he envisions. It’s a controlled dance to the finished product with the paint and the artist taking the lead at different points in the process. He’s a fan of working with “no rules” and just letting the work take shape.

John studied at Ohio State University, Valparaiso University and the Provincetown Workshop, and cites many influences of other artists and musicians. His number one teacher and guide is his wife Pamela, an accomplished artist in her own right.

John’s work has garnered awards from the Newport Art Guild, the Naples Art Museum, the Crane Estate Art Show and others.

Blink’s collection of John’s work on display is always revolving – but a few pieces are available in our online shop.