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  • Fine Art Photography by Alexander Nesbitt

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  • Golden Ripples, Sachuest Beach

    $ 30.00$ 1,250.00

    Gentle waves and an outgoing tide make golden ripples in the beach sand at Sachuest Beach

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  • nesbitt_mozambique


    $ 30.00$ 1,250.00

    A sunset ride down pristine Mamoli Beach, Southern Mozambique

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  • nesbitt_kohlanta_horizontal

    Sunset over Andaman Sea

    $ 30.00$ 1,250.00

    Sun sets directly offshore over the Andaman Sea, Koh Lanta, Thailand. Gentle waves and an outgoing tide leave a fascinating pattern of miniature river ways like a giant epic landscape.

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  • nesbitt_guadeloupe_paddle

    Sunset Paddle

    $ 30.00$ 1,250.00

    Guadeloupe, 2017 – Person crosses the frame on a stand up paddle board as light breaks through the clouds

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  • Nesbitt_buddha collage


    $ 6,500.00

    Wat Si Chum, Sukhothai, Thailand

    Collage of coated digital inkjet prints mounted to panel. 72″ x 42 “x 7”

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  • nesbitt_palmyra


    $ 1,500.00

    Archival digital photo print on watercolor paper with acrylic coating and foam support, 38″ x 55″

    Alexander Nesbitt

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  • john redick daybreak

    John Redick – Daybreak

    $ 2,500.00

    Acrylic on board, 30 x 40 x 1 5/8

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  • Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

    Kilimanjaro Full Moon Night

    $ 30.00$ 1,250.00

    Kilimanjaro, Tanzania – The full moon sets behind the side of the mountain at 18500 feet. Far above the sea of clouds below.

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  • Walking down Soul Alley

    Soul Alley Fine Art Photograph

    $ 30.00$ 1,250.00

    Antigua, 2004 – In the island capitol of St. John a barefoot man casually walks down rain wet High street from the intersection with Soul Alley.

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  • The Money Sign photo as a photo block

    Money Sign

    $ 30.00$ 495.00

    This sign above a stall in the Maasai craft market in Arusha, Tanzania spells out a philosophy for life about money and what is really worthwhile in the big picture.

    p.s. Jesus Loves You

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  • Lone Tree – Namibia

    $ 30.00$ 1,250.00

    Namibia, 2004 – A dead tree and its shadow decorate the barren dried pan of the ‘Dead Vlei’ near Sossusvlei.

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  • Del's lemonade truck

    Del’s Frozen Lemonade Truck

    $ 30.00$ 1,250.00

    A Rhode Island favorite, Del’s lemonade is sold from wonderful old trucks at Newport area beaches. This Del’s truck is parked at ‘Surfer’s End’ at 2nd beach.

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  • Endeavour off Cliff Walk

    $ 30.00$ 1,250.00

    The J-Class yacht Endeavor sails into the glittering midday light off Land’s End at the end of the Cliff Walk.

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  • Clear Night – Sachuest Beach

    $ 30.00$ 1,250.00

    Last light fades away on a crystal clear night above calm water and glassy shore at Sachuest Beach.

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  • Blue Dusk on the Point with the Newport Bridge

    Blue Dusk

    $ 30.00$ 1,250.00

    A lovely view while sailing home as blue dusk settles over the Newport Pell Bridge, the Newport Harbor Light and a single sail boat.

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  • Masts and full moon, Newport-shipyard

    Lunar Masts, Newport Shipyard

    $ 30.00$ 1,250.00

    A beautiful sky as the full moon rises over the masts of yachts at the Newport Shipyard.

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  • Newport Life Ring

    $ 30.00$ 1,250.00

    Selective focus on a yacht’s life ring marked with ‘Newport, RI’ designating the ship’s home port.

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  • Village Girls

    $ 30.00$ 1,250.00

    Egypt, Mendes 2000 – Three local girls in colorful dresses walk through the Mendes dig site while balancing baskets on their heads.

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  • 2017 Photo Calendar with Case

    $ 14.95

    The 2017 Alexander Nesbitt Photography Calendar – Landscape oriented photos marked with the days of each month in a flip-open plastic case reminiscent of CD cases. Just because CDs are a thing of the past doesn’t mean the case has to be!

    The calendar measures 7.5″ across and 4.4″ high. Each month features a different image by acclaimed travel photographer and local favorite Alexander Nesbitt. The flip-open design is great for small spaces, desktops, and mantles. Get that inspiration for your next travel adventure!


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  • 2017 Photo Calendar – refill

    $ 10.00

    The 2017 Photo Calendar – Landscape oriented photo calendars: Get inspiration for your next travel adventure!

    *This is just the calendar pages without a plastic case.

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  • blink gift certificate

    Blink Gallery Gift Certificate

    $ 50.00$ 500.00
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  • John Redick

    John Redick – Breaking Wave #2

    $ 450.00

    Acrylic on board, 12 x 12 x 1.5

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  • JohnRedick_Ocean

    John Redick – Ocean

    $ 950.00

    Acrylic on wood panel, 24 x 20 x 1.75

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  • R Michael Carr

    R. Michael Carr – Blue Beavertail 2

    $ 250.00

    Oil on board, 18 x 18 x 1.5

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