Annual photo calendar by Alexander Nesbitt Photography. This calendar has a unique landscape format jewel case holder which flips open to make a perfect desktop display

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  • 2017 Photo Calendar with Case

    $ 14.95

    The 2017 Alexander Nesbitt Photography Calendar – Landscape oriented photos marked with the days of each month in a flip-open plastic case reminiscent of CD cases. Just because CDs are a thing of the past doesn’t mean the case has to be!

    The calendar measures 7.5″ across and 4.4″ high. Each month features a different image by acclaimed travel photographer and local favorite Alexander Nesbitt. The flip-open design is great for small spaces, desktops, and mantles. Get that inspiration for your next travel adventure!


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  • 2017 Photo Calendar – refill

    $ 10.00

    The 2017 Photo Calendar – Landscape oriented photo calendars: Get inspiration for your next travel adventure!

    *This is just the calendar pages without a plastic case.

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Showing all 2 results