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Molly Sexton Exhibition: PETRICHOR ((whomp whomp))

Slate Roof Tile painting by Molly Sexton

Molly Sexton

PETRICHOR ((whomp whomp))

petrichor (n.): the distinctive scent of rain on parched earth; From Greek petr(o) – (of or pertaining to stone) and ichor (a bloodlike essence flowing in the veins of gods)

Acrylic paint on reclaimed 1880’s slate roof tiles

Molly’s show opened Nov 4, 2022 and we continue with a selected collection of her work.

Molly Sexton’s slate tile paintings are a reaction to the textures, colors and stimuli around her using only the primitive, ancient glyph of the circle and her extraordinary sense of color.  Literally blind in her mind’s eye, Molly translates sensory and energetic resonance into visual images.  For Molly, concentric circles imply contact: ripples, fluidity, echoes, a pulse (whomp . . . whomp). 

It is as if these paintings are for listening to.

Molly has been painting since 2017, finding release first in painting formal mandalas on stones and then by exploring more abstract geometries and intuiting vibrations between colors. The slate paintings make their public debut with this exhibition.

My body is a resonant thing, made for percussion and song. My heart is a natural amphitheater. My vibe is vibration. On the inside, I am like a dervish: ecstatic, boundless. On the outside it looks as though I am merely dancing.

Molly Sexton

Slate tile painting by Molly Sexton - green/gold
Slate tile painting by Molly Sexton - blue hand
Slate tile painting by Molly Sexton - Brown/pearl

Follow Molly’s Instagram Account

it’s a great way to see her vision and process

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New Exhibition: Discovered

Featuring new work by local artists:


Our newest collection will show you new ways of seeing and new places to discover

Opening Reception  Saturday, June 23rd, 6-9pm

Dan McManus_Woodpecker
Woodpecker, camera-less photograph by Dan McManus

DISCOVERED will include new photographic works from local favorite Alexander Nesbitt and for the first time at Blink Gallery, we will feature Rhode Island native Dan McManus with his large framed digital images of 1960’s plastic bird models.

Dan’s images are the result of making photographs without a camera in a process he simply calls camera-less photography. Stating “I am trying not to think, but instead respond to a subject,” Dan arranges small novelties on a scanner bed with  tape, balance, experimentation and a thoughtful editing process. The scans become the basis for his artwork. Printed at a large scale the subjects are completely transformed, hovering in the dark, part kitsch, part macabre–with a nod to the primordial birder in all of us.

Dan currently works out of his studio in North Kingstown, RI and teaches at the Newport Art Museum. He is a graduate of MASS ART and his work has garnered awards from the Rhode Island State Council of the Arts, Newport Art Museum and South County Art Association.

The exhibition will be on view until mid-July, 2018. Check our contact page for currently gallery hours.

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Salon de Refuses Returns!

salon de refuses

PART DEUX- The Salon de Refusés is back!

Blink Gallery will host a show of beautiful works which did not make it into the 2018 Newport Annual Juried Members Show at the Newport Art Museum.  Join us for an opening reception Friday, February 2nd from 7-9pm as we celebrate, discuss and ponder the work and creativity of over 20 artists from the Newport Area.

Every year there are countless pieces that don’t appeal to the Juror for the Museum show so we’re hanging the walls with 20+ fantastic pieces that we think were overlooked. Join us and see what else Newport’s artists have created!

The show will be hung in traditional Salon style and showcase an eclectic mix of subjects, styles and sizes all with a fantastic vitality.

Join us to celebrate the tradition famously started when Napoleon offered a Salon De Refusés to those excluded from the Annual Paris Salon show in 1863.

The exhibition will be on view from Feb. 2 – Feb. 19. 

Check the contact page or give us a call for up-to-date hours.

salon de refuses, blink gallery, newport


Exhibiting Artists

Nina Ackman | Jill Brody | Jody Brown | Charlene Carpenzano | Joe Delaney | Landon Durak | Daniel Erickson | Kristie Gardiner | Allison Gardiner | Sylvia Hampton | Pamela Hicks | Mary Hurwitz | Daniel McManus | Arthur Mead | Meghan Muller | Maureen Murray | Andrea Pilling | John Redick | Pamela Redick | Brooke Roberts | Megan Robertson | Jenna Roy | Peggy Twist | Matthew Witterschein | Ruthie Wood

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Serendipity: Photographs from John Repoza

Opening Reception

November 3, 2017 | 6-9pm

Fine Art, Photography, Newport Art, Local Artist, Unique Home Goods, Locally-made, Newport Gifts, Travel Art, Handmad
Opening, by John Repoza

Blink welcomes you on November 3rd from 6-9pm to a reception for the new exhibition of photographs from local real estate agent and creative thinker, John Repoza. 

“Preparedness and opportunity are where success in life lies”

We had the chance to have a great conversation with John about his history, artistic process, and overall outlook on life. Here’s a preview of his story from our upcoming featured artist blog:

John’s artistic process begins when he wakes up in the morning. He explains, “preparedness and opportunity are where success in life lies,” and as such, he always has a camera with him. Every day he takes from 100 to 1,000 photos, capturing anything and everything that strikes him as a potential moment. Repoza calls it an intuitive, educational process and says he doesn’t go out with any plans or expectations. There is no “creation” of a shot, or means of production behind the lens. Instead he seeks a balance of lighting and nature and shoots whatever speaks to him. His open attitude about shooting results in an ability to notice and photograph moments of sublime and startling natural phenomenon. “Creativity in its true sense is not an intellectual pursuit. In fact, it’s proven to be an entirely different part of the brain altogether,” he says. His refined presence of mind is contagious, especially when viewing his work.

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2nd Annual Mini Art Show

Mini Art Show Opens Saturday at 2pm!


blinkminis_igPlease join us from 2-5pm, November 12 at Blink Gallery  for another fun and vibrant reception filled with creativity!

“A close-to-home feel with a wide variety of artistic flavor”

Last year, we gave you the first Annual Mini Art Show. This year,
we return with another fantastic group of artists of all ages and
mediums who have worked hard to bring you their unique pieces
in our salon-style art show logo

Staying true to the first Mini Show, this year’s show curates work from an all-inclusive pool of artists, with no requirements to enter. Each artist has a connection to Newport, however they all have varying styles and approaches to their work. The Mini Art Show exhibits a close-to-home feel while simultaneously offering a wide variety of artistic flavor. In the spirit of a ‘mini’ show, the pieces are scaled on the smaller side and have been mostly priced under $150.

We hope to see you on Saturday to celebrate and appreciate
our community’s local talent, and to support some truly
wonderful artists!group of minis

Mini Art will be on display until January 8th, or its sold out!


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Waves and Woods – John and Pamela Redick

Redick-Card frontRedick Opening Reception

Saturday, October 1st

Blink Gallery is excited to welcome the works of husband and wife artists John and Pamela Redick. Through two vastly different and distinct approaches to painting, they each achieve a meticulous recreation of the natural world.

John’s ocean waves utilize the liquid properties of paint to simulate the movement of moving water while Pamela mimics the details of the forest by recreating each tiny shape.  Each artist thoughtfully applies or forfeits control of the materials to generate life-like works of beauty.

We hope you’ll join us for an opening reception on Saturday, October 1st at Blink.


John Redick

“I use the natural properties of flowing paint with just enough control to create works that capture the energy and mystery of the ocean.”

Pamela Redick

“I paint landscapes that are not just recognizable places but instances of being someplace out of the ordinary . . . about that ephemeral sense of connecting with something greater that comes when we are in and at one with nature.”


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New Works by Kris Offill

New Works by Kris Offill at Blink Gallery

Stormy Seas

Opening Friday, April 8, 2016

Kris is a local oil painter and Navy Corpsman. He is self-taught and known for his moody seascapes and award-winning figurative works. Kris’ paintings straddle a line between abstraction and representation while impressively recreating the emotion and intensity of a stormy sea. All works on view are locally inspired. The show will run Thursday, April 7 – May 15. An opening reception is scheduled for Friday, April 8 2016 from 6-9.

Kris received the “Best in Show” at the Newport Art Museum Annual Juried Member’s Show in 2014.



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Salon de Refusés

Salon de RefusésBlink Gallery will host a show of beautiful works which did not make it into the 2016 Newport Annual Juried Members Show at the Newport Art Museum.  Join us for an opening reception Saturday February 6th from 5-8 as we celebrate the work and creativity of over 40 artists from the Newport Area.

Every year there are countless pieces that don’t appeal to the Juror so we’re hanging the walls with 40 plus fantastic pieces that we think were overlooked. Join us and see what else Newport’s artists have created!

The show will be hung in traditional Salon style and showcase an eclectic mix of subjects, styles and sizes all with a fantastic vitality.

Join us to celebrate the tradition famously started when Napoleon offered a Salon De Refusés to those excluded from the Annual Paris Salon show in 1863.

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Join us at Blink gallery for Sunday Gallery Sunday


Sunday Gallery Sunday is a new arts initiative in Newport. It’s on an easy to remember day at a time when locals and visitors alike can make time to enjoy the towns diverse galleries.  I’m excited to have Blink a part of this right from the beginning.

Here are the details: Join us for a monthly gallery hop on the first Sunday of every month in beautiful Newport, Rhode Island. We recommend starting at Stone Acre Pantry, 515 Thames Street at 11:00am for a delicious brunch. A guided tour will commence at 1:00pm from the restaurant. Every month the tour will highlight different galleries. No registration needed and a map can be printed from here for self guided tours. Wrap up the day with a lively Salon hosted by the Newport Art Museum Contemporaries and moderated by Rupert Nesbitt at the Newport Art Museum, 76 Bellevue Avenue.

Here is more about Sunday Gallery Sunday on the website


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First Annual Mini Art Show

Please join us 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM, November 14, 2015
at Blink Gallery, for a special night!

Join us in celebrating our 1st Annual Mini Art Show. We are excited about the great bunch of artists
we have participating and we think you will be too.

The Mini Art show displays a wide range of works from over twenty young, artschool-hopefuls,
curious hobbyists, and seasoned professionals who live in or near, or have a strong connection
to Newport. Photography, painting, ceramics, collage and more will be on view in this
salon-style show.

In an effort to mobilize our creative community, Blink’s Call for Artists was all-inclusive.
The no-barrier-to-entry approach has created a startlingly vibrant collection. The work
presented showcases a snapshot of the diversity and talent of our local creative community.
In the spirit of all works being “mini” the work has been priced under $150. The Mini Art Show
will remain on view until January 9, 2016.


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Hidden Gems – The Darkroom Print Collection

In conjunction with the “Uncommon Gems” show at Duris Studios,

Please join us 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM at Blink
Gallery, October 17, 2015 for a special night

Celebrating a collection of hidden gems from deep in the archives. We will be showing 35mm photographs from Alexander “Sandy” Nesbitt’s early photographic career. This collection showcases Sandy’s innate ability to capture the feeling of a moment in a single frame often with a wry irony. All of the black and white photographs in this collection were printed in a darkroom by the artist himself between 1989-2004.

It has been a decade or more since this collection has seen the light of day. Many are one-off prints, others are in tight editions of 5 and 10. With the darkroom gone and the color labs closed, these will never be printed as analog silver prints again.

This is a unique opportunity to enjoy some of Sandy’s early work and celebrate a simpler, more hands on approach to photographic art making. We have such a tight collection of these analog darkroom prints that they will only be available, first come-first serve, during the one month run of this show.





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A little grit and glamour…new show Aug 21

Woman in a colorful robe, island of Sal, Cape VerdeA little grit and glamour…

and a good excuse to have a party

Friday, August 21st
6 PM – 9 PM

Featuring adult beverages with a chance of snacks

Summer is winding down before we know it, so we’re seizing the moment to break out the Rose and Prosecco one last time and pretend like its not going to happen.

We haven’t had the time to curate a whole new collection to show you, but we do have a few new things in store. We’ve coordinated our event with Kevin Duris at Duris Studios who is having a reception next door. He will be showcasing great new jewelry that celebrates pearls. So that got us thinking. A pearl starts out as a bit of grit yet turns into something glamourous…and our show idea was born!

Blink’s owner, and resident photographer, Alexander Nesbitt has a penchant for traveling to some extremely gritty locales. So we’re going to dust off some of the badass (excuse our language) images from places you’d probably be afraid to go, just for your viewing pleasure.

For the glamour? Think of it more in terms of presentation. If you came to our last event, or have visited the gallery in the last few months you may have seen the dye sublimation metal prints. Well, we’ve added to the collection with two of Sandy’s best-selling Newport images. If you haven’t seen a dye-sub print yet – it’s basically like looking at a photograph in hi-definition, it puts your television to shame. A glittering and glamourous image presentation, you have to see it to believe it!

Along the way, we have discovered there is a magical intersection of grit and glamour that exists in some of Sandy’s images, like the one above. So let’s also celebrate that magic – to grit and glamour!