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New Year, New Art

Your house deserves it, and you do too. Click here to read more about our end of the year specials and custom orders.

Your house deserves it, and you do too.

Keep the new year feeling bright with a gift to your home! Swap out those holiday decorations for something inspiring and beautiful. You’ll love it and your house will too.

Newport Bridge Canvas-custom size art

A little love for 2018

Filling your home with artwork you love will bring you joy all year long. We choose the homes we live in and spend years nurturing them, shaping them into spaces that make our hearts full. We dress them up for special occasions and show them off to our friends and relatives. They are the backdrop to the slideshow of our lives. When was the last time your backdrop got a facelift? When you allow yourself to choose artwork that speaks to you, you get warm feelings every time you look at it. What if you gave your home, and yourself, a gift for the new year?

dye sublimation print

Make it custom

Don’t let small or unusual spaces stop you from finding something you love. You’re not alone in your spatial challenges – about 50% of our projects are custom made. We’re happy to chat with you about the best print material, size and hanging options to make sure you get it right. On larger projects we can even provide you with a digital mock-up of your room with the image you love. These services are included in our regular prices. Consider it a test drive! Read more about custom work projects here.

Modern living room interior 3d rendering. All images, photos, pictures used in this interior are my own works, all rights belong to me.


Have questions? Let us help! We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and the ability to figure out fantastic solutions for any space. Here’s how to get in touch.


Wishing you a Happy New Year!

-Sandy, Nichole, Rachael & Allee


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You need art!

You need art. You can invest in something that tells you every day that you have what you need. Something that says life is more than a struggle and in some measure a product of your aspirations and dreams. You can declare that you have room beyond the bare necessities to enjoy life.

Those walls don’t just hold up the roof, they surround you and make your experience of home, family, work, or career what it is. But what are they? Blank? Naked? Lame? Noncommittal? Make your walls a testament to your inspiration, a record of your interaction with your town and the creative outer limits of your people!

-Alexander Nesbitt 2017


You need art! - Colossal Buddha, Wat Si Chum, Sokothai, thailand
Colossal Buddha, Wat Si Chum, Sokothai, Thailand

Drop by the gallery or browse some of our collection here:  The photography collection is here and the paintings are here.  Let’s see if the walls around you can speak to you.

A sunset ride down pristine Mamoli Beach, Southern Mozambique


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Small Business Saturday – Two Reasons to Visit


Small Business Saturday: A Rare and Wonderful Sale!

This Saturday only all in-stock photo prints on metal, paper, and canvas are 20% off!

Burn off those surplus Thanksgiving carbs by getting out and taking a stroll around town – making plenty of stops at your favorite local merchants in support of Small Business Saturday!

Blink will be open 10-7, and serving light refreshments all day 🙂

Can’t make it to the store? Shop online with coupon code shopsmall for 15% off your order. (Expires Monday, some exclusions)

First Annual Tree Lighting

The perfect way to top off your Small Business Saturday shopping trip. Together with Duris Studios, we’ve decked the boxwoods & bricks, and replaced our lovely fountain with a lovely tree!

Join us at 6pm when we officially flip the switch! 

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Framed or Unframed?

It used to be that when you bought photography you generally had two choices. “Would you like that framed, or unframed?” Unframed was generally matted and sold in a clear sleeve. The framing part was then completely up to the customer. While this still seems to be pretty much the standard, we can’t help but notice that additional presentation options are growing in popularity.

Most people have seen stretched canvas photo prints in galleries or available on online photo sites. You may be saying “yeah, yeah…canvas prints are old news by now.” And you’d be right, but they are still a great and popular option. Especially for customers who are looking for a large image. As once you have anything larger than a standard piece of mat board, framing becomes infinitely more difficult.

And what about wood, or metal?

A few years ago we started selling small photo prints adhered to fine-quality wood. Each one is made by hand, but thats not the point here. The point is people really like them. Its hard to pin down exactly what feature they respond to so well. Is it the clarity of the image, the novelty of a wooden block, the choice to hang on a wall or sit on a shelf, or is it because it needs no framing?

On the horizon is the rising popularity of metal prints. We’ve made some in-house prints on aluminum and they look pretty cool. But there are companies able to produce incredible prints on metal using a different process. (Trust us, its cool…we’ll be selling these soon.)

I guess at the end of this post we are left with curiosity. Is “framed or unframed” a question answered by practicality? Are you buying a photo in a gold frame because that’s what matches your existing art collection? Is it a choice influenced only by your taste?

. . . Or is it more philosophical, is the migration towards unframed pieces a response to modern technology implementing further change on a traditional art medium – much like the conversion to digital photography changed the landscape of expectations of what photography is?

We’d love to hear your feedback. What guides your choices when buying photography?

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Best Gallery?! Thank you!

Last night we went to a fabulous party…where we got an award!

You’ve voted for us – again. We’re so ecstatic, and humbled. Blink Gallery has been chosen as the “Best Gallery” by the readers of Newport Life Magazine for the second year in a row. Whether it was 10 votes, or 10,000 we don’t care. THANK YOU. We work hard at keeping this small business alive, and recognition like this goes further than you will ever know. So pat yourselves on the back, your vote keeps a shop open in the community, artists and others working, and a legacy growing.

Our promise to you is that we will continue to bring to you the work of creators. We will produce and select the best. And we hope you’ll think of us when you want to treat yourself to something nice to adorn your walls, give to others, or just smile. We’re sending positive vibes your way. Cheers! best gallery

So again, THANK YOU!


Sandy & Nichole

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New Paintings!

A selection of the new work available by Tom McAleer. All shown are 16″x20″.

Last week I took a trip to Jamestown, to visit painter Tom McAleer and re-stock/re-invigorate our selection of his work at Blink. Tom never paints a place just once. He lets it become an obsession and then he goes to paint it almost daily until he feels he has captured it to his satisfaction. Our new batch of works include a current obsession, fishermen, and a former (but never tiresome) obsession, Beavertail. Its hard not to feel the movement of the water, and the punch of invigorating color when you looks at Tom’s ocean scenes. We also picked up a few small beautiful landscapes that still utilize color in a vibrant way, but have a much calmer presence.

Our selection of Tom’s paintings are priced really reasonably ($295 – $950), come on in and maybe you’ll get caught up in the vigor of the brushstroke and sensation of the ever moving ocean too!



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New Website on the Way!!

If you’ve seen our store, or have met us (Sandy and/or Nichole) you may know that we’re the type of people who love a good project. We’re problem-solvers, active creators, and diligent workers. It was brought to our attention by someone who works as a web designer that our site was terribly outdated. “Forms!? You’re still using forms?, she said.” So the time for change is upon us. Please bear with us as we learn, create, and activate this new website bit by bit. It will be worth it in the end. Our goals are to streamline our e-commerce ability, and be able to more effectively communicate to you who we are, what we sell, where we are, and what we can do.


Sandy and Nichole

Now shh, we’re working!