Alexander “Sandy” Nesbitt as a photographer is a master of circumstance. Equal parts intrepid traveler, logical thinker, and visual artist, he has an ability to capture the real moments that define the spirit of being in a place.  Sandy approaches any environment armed with the belief that the magic often lies somewhere in the fray – in the space where people really live. Never operating as a passive observer, he’s always an active part of the journey making authentic images that celebrate the best of being alive, and being human.

Capable of problem solving in any environment, Sandy holds a message in mind while working out the visual and technical skills necessary to capture the shot. The end result is a collection of uniquely on-target documentary-style images created from the real life situations he sees around him.

A master of compelling documentary storytelling, Sandy invites you to come along for the ride. From teeth-gritting mountain treks to warm glistening beaches, funky urban atmospheres, to serene cultural experiences, whatever travel flavor you may choose, the promise is the same, the experience will feel real.

Alexander Nesbitt
Alexander Nesbitt caught in action while shooting in Cabarette, Dominican Republic

We invite you to experience the world through Sandy’s lens.


BIO : Sandy graduated from Pratt Institute with a Sculpture in 1990 after beginning his education at the University of Maine studying Engineering Physics. His hybrid technical and artistic skills came together professionally first in industrial design which eventually led him towards photography. Sandy officially launched his a professional photo career in 1997. Since then he has been published in hundreds of publications and produced shoots for a list of national corporate and editorial clients. To view more of Sandy’s commercial work and editorial work, or if you’re interested in hiring him to shoot your project please visit

An active participant in Newport’s small business community, Sandy is the owner of Blink Gallery® on lower Thames Street, and maintains a working studio (Alexander Nesbitt Photography) on upper Thames Street.


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