David Allyn has worked hard to become a patsy of his alter ego know as Unkle Thirsty.  Unkle Thirsty or “Thirsty”, as referred to by his friends, is a New Jersey native and “C” grade celebrity in the New England town of Providence, Rhode Island.  Over the years, Thirsty has cultivated a small but dedicated group of nomad theatre enthusiasts and mobile dj music supporters.  Thirsty spins pop mash-ups on the big screen and through the sound system and serves drinks, which makes him a very popular guy in the northeast.

Recently thirsty has been exploring the idea of making contemporary art and that’s how David Allyn became Thirsty’s right hand man. Allyn, the crafty type and avid psychogeographer, has a MFA from RISD and enjoys making things with his hands. Allyn and Thirsty currently share a studio at Monohasset mill in Providence.  When Allyn isn’t making cups or porcelain wall art, he’s teaching at the Steel Yard.

Blink gallery sells a completely random selection of Thirsty cups and selected wall tile pieces.


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