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New Paintings!

A selection of the new work available by Tom McAleer. All shown are 16″x20″.

Last week I took a trip to Jamestown, to visit painter Tom McAleer and re-stock/re-invigorate our selection of his work at Blink. Tom never paints a place just once. He lets it become an obsession and then he goes to paint it almost daily until he feels he has captured it to his satisfaction. Our new batch of works include a current obsession, fishermen, and a former (but never tiresome) obsession, Beavertail. Its hard not to feel the movement of the water, and the punch of invigorating color when you looks at Tom’s ocean scenes. We also picked up a few small beautiful landscapes that still utilize color in a vibrant way, but have a much calmer presence.

Our selection of Tom’s paintings are priced really reasonably ($295 – $950), come on in and maybe you’ll get caught up in the vigor of the brushstroke and sensation of the ever moving ocean too!