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New Year, New Art

Your house deserves it, and you do too. Click here to read more about our end of the year specials and custom orders.

Your house deserves it, and you do too.

Keep the new year feeling bright with a gift to your home! Swap out those holiday decorations for something inspiring and beautiful. You’ll love it and your house will too.

Newport Bridge Canvas-custom size art

A little love for 2018

Filling your home with artwork you love will bring you joy all year long. We choose the homes we live in and spend years nurturing them, shaping them into spaces that make our hearts full. We dress them up for special occasions and show them off to our friends and relatives. They are the backdrop to the slideshow of our lives. When was the last time your backdrop got a facelift? When you allow yourself to choose artwork that speaks to you, you get warm feelings every time you look at it. What if you gave your home, and yourself, a gift for the new year?

dye sublimation print

Make it custom

Don’t let small or unusual spaces stop you from finding something you love. You’re not alone in your spatial challenges – about 50% of our projects are custom made. We’re happy to chat with you about the best print material, size and hanging options to make sure you get it right. On larger projects we can even provide you with a digital mock-up of your room with the image you love. These services are included in our regular prices. Consider it a test drive! Read more about custom work projects here.

Modern living room interior 3d rendering. All images, photos, pictures used in this interior are my own works, all rights belong to me.


Have questions? Let us help! We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and the ability to figure out fantastic solutions for any space. Here’s how to get in touch.


Wishing you a Happy New Year!

-Sandy, Nichole, Rachael & Allee