Photo Blocks

Photo Blocks display
A grid of “small” 5×8 blocks, hanging on a wall

PHOTO BLOCK – a coated fine art inkjet print mounted to 3/4” baltic birch plywood, created in Newport, RI by photographer Alexander “Sandy” Nesbitt

(known variations: blocks, photo plaque, wood plaque, photo on wood, photoblock, wood mounted print)

Photo blocks are handmade art prints, created and produced at Sandy’s studio using his own photography and coating techniques refined over the last 25 years of producing fine art pieces involving mounted prints. Designed to offer a small print that does not require framing, each block has a pre-cut slot in the back for easy hanging. The 3/4” thickness of the wood also allows the small prints to stand on edge for easy display on a shelf. While each image can be printed over and over again, each photo block is produced by hand and therefore bears the signature of the artist.

There are three standard sizes of photo blocks generally available.

SMALL – 5×8

LARGE – 8×12

PANO – 5×16 (not suitable for all images)

The size options were carefully thought out so that hanging in groups would be a snap.

While each piece is coated to protect the surface of the image, they aren’t meant to be used as coasters or trivets. They can withstand a fair amount of dampness so feel free to hang them in bathrooms or on patios – even the cabin of your boat!

Photo blocks also make a great gift option – they aren’t fragile and are easy to ship!

Lastly, we always have many blocks in inventory, but since each one is made by hand there is a chance the one you choose might need to be created for you. We’re happy to do so – but it can take a little time. If you’re sending a gift and need it in less than 2 weeks, please reach out to us first to make sure we have it in-stock and ready to go.

Please browse our collections to find the right option for you Newport Photo Collection | World Travel Photography Collection


large size photo block of Cardines Field
A “large” 8×12 photo block showing Nesbitt’s aerial image of Cardines Field


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  1. […] Blink Gallery’s photo blocks are handmade by Newport, Rhode Island based photographer Alexander Nesbitt. The process has been honed over the last two years, and involves a really big printer (printing awesome photos), a super cool glue machine, the finest quality baltic birch plywood, and a finish coat of lacquer applied by hand. Of course, its much more technical than that…the point is, these are little mini art objects. Its explained with a little more finesse on our photo block page. […]

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