Dye Sublimation Prints on Aluminum

Dye sublimation prints are rapidly becoming the trend in photography printing. Images are first printed with a special ink/dye printer on transfer paper. These images are then placed in a very hot heat press with a treated piece of aluminum. The ink vaporizes and transfers to the aluminum where it returns to its original state. Sublimation printing is a technical process that produces incredible images with stunning depth, color saturation and contrast.

In large sizes they create quite a statement and are particularly well suited to modern and contemporary decor. Produced in conjunction with a local photo lab, our dye sub prints are available in a variety of sizes and three finishes – matte, semi-gloss and gloss.

Dye Sublimation Print Sizes:

9″ x 13.5″

16″ x 24″

24″ x 36″

32″ x 48″

36″ x 54″

Any image in our collection can be produced in this style. We also produce custom sizes, email us for a quote.

moon over mt kilimanjaro, 16x24 dye sublimation print
A 16×24 gloss finish dye sublimation print

Matted Archival Photo Prints

Unframed Photographs:

Photographic prints are made in-house by Alexander Nesbitt on his large format printers. All print sizes 8×10 and larger are printed in limited editions, signed, and numbered by the artist. The 5×7’s and a few 8×10’s are signed but not numbered. Our photographic prints are produced in editions of 50 with a few exceptions. A few older images in the collection are in editions of 10, 25 or 250, for instance.

All photographic prints are sold with a white archival mat. Framing is available on all print sizes.

Framing Styles:

Our standard frame is a matte black metal Nielsen frame which has a 1/2″ face and 1.25″ depth.  Wood framing is also available by request. Choose between walnut, cherry, maple, or black finishes. Wood frames have a square profile that is 3/4″ face and 1″ deep”.  Additionally, more intricate framing is available at an additional charge. Ask us for styles and pricing information if you have something in mind! We have an tight collection of moulding options that suit the images we carry.

framed 11x14
Matte black gallery style framing (Nielsen metal) – shown here on an 11×14 print

Photo Print Sizes:

Keep in mind that conventional sizes like 8″x10″ do not actually fit the native proportions of digital photographs. Because it gets confusing fast, we use the conventional names for reference. Check the table below for the OUTSIDE Frame/Mat dimension for actual the framing size.

Standard Size  :  Actual image size  :  OUTSIDE Frame/Mat Size

5″ x 7″ :  4.125″ x 6.25″ : 8″ x 10″    (vertical images same as horizontal)

8″ x 10″  :  7″ x 9.75″ : 11″ x 14″       (vertical images 8″x10″ : 8″ x 10.75″ : 12″ x 16″)

11″ x 14″  :  9.25″ x 14″ : 16″ x 20″   (vertical images 11″x14″ : 9.25″ x 14″ : 15″ x 20″)

13″ x 20″  :  13″ x 19.5″ : 20″ x 26″  (vertical images 13″x20″ : 13″ x 19.5″ : 19″ x 26″)

16″ x 24″  :  16″ x 24″ : 25″ x 32″      (vertical images 16″x24″ : 16″ x 24″ : 23″ x 32)

Photo Blocks

Photo blocks measure 5.25″ x 8″ and are made using a coated photograph and 3/4″ thick baltic birch plywood. This is a very fine plywood with 13 layers. The image coating makes them safe to touch and water resistant. Since block-making a fascinating in-house process, more information on photo blocks is available here: PHOTOBLOCKS

Handmade Del's truck picture as a photoblock
Photoblocks are made in two standard sizes: 5×8 and 8×12

Newport Bridge clear sky sunset photo block hanging on a brick wall

handmade photo blocks by Alexander Nesbitt
5×8 photo blocks stand on edge – a great addition to any bookshelf or mantle

Prints on Canvas

All of the photography can be printed on canvas and stretched in the “gallery wrap” format – this means no framing is needed.  Photos are printed directly on pre-treated canvas with our in-house large format inkjet printers. Then, the prints are professionally sprayed with a UV protective acrylic coating which makes them water resistant and fade proof. Finally, the canvas is stretched by hand around 2.5″ wood stretchers.  These custom stretchers make our gallery wraps noticeably thicker on the sides, and create a very dramatic presentation on your wall.  If you’re worried that wrapping the image around a wood frame means that you will lose part of the picture, strike that thought! The photographer recreates the edges of the images to make it seamlessly wrap around the side while maintaining the original composition on the front.

Our hands-on in-house process provides unsurpassed quality. (Yes, it really is better than what you can get from big online photo retailers!)

Canvas Gallery Wrap Print Sizes:

17.5″ x 26″

24″ x 36″

32″ x  48″

36″ x 56″

Some images also available as panorama!

22″ x 48″

Custom sizes and projects welcome. See our Custom Sizes Art Work and Commissioned Work page for more details about the process.

24x36 canvas print of a full moon over the shipyard hangs above a mantle
A 24×36 canvas print shown above a mantle

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