Buddha – sculptural photographic artwork

Buddha artwork by Alexander Nesbitt shot in Wat Si Chum, Sukhothai, Thailand

Collage of coated digital inkjet prints mounted to panel. 72″ x 42 “x 7”

$ 8,500.00

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Buddha artwork by Alexander Nesbitt, a series of images shot in Wat Si Chum, Sukhothai, Thailand.

The finished collage of panels is 72″ x 42″ and projects 6″ off the wall near the center.  The very top is 16″ of the wall. This Buddha artwork consists of 20 individual frames on panels, assembled with bolts and wood in a three dimensional assemblage.

This 2015 work by Alexander Nesbitt is the culmination of 10 years of advancing technique. At first Nesbitt began making sculptural collage work using silver (darkroom) prints around 2001.  At the time he coated these in a variety of substances and mounted them to both plywood or fiberglass. However, the decline of darkroom printing forced a transition to digital imaging and made him rethink his process using modern materials. After refining a home made process of mounting digital prints to wood for making his photo blocks Nesbitt was able to use the technique for mounting to create this large scale work. The Buddha piece is made by shooting individual frames at varying angles.  Nesbitt then reassembled them to form one image.

Nesbitt’s “Buddha” was awarded the 1st place prize in Photography at the Newport Art Museums, juried show the Newport Art Museum Annual in 2016.


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