Archival digital photo print on watercolor paper with acrylic coating and foam support, 38″ x 55″

Alexander Nesbitt

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Palmyra, Syria – Photographed by Alexander Nesbitt in 2000. Inkjet print from scanned negative printed  in January 2017.

Artwork measures 38″ x 55″

Archival digital print on watercolor paper with acrylic coating and foam support.

Image was intentionally creased as a way to call attention to the natural and ruin and destruction of cultural sites. Something can be there for millennia and then not, in an instant. This one-of-a-kind artwork is representative of the enduring power of the image to mark time and place.

Super Brief History

About Palmyra – The ancient city of Palmyra is located in the Syrian desert. Archaeologic finds date it back to the Neolithic period (between 10,200-2,000 BC). The city was abandoned in 1932 and designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1980. Since 2015 the site has been in an active war zone, and has sustained significant damage. Learn more about Palmyra


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