salon de refuses

PART DEUX- The Salon de Refusés is back!

Blink Gallery will host a show of beautiful works which did not make it into the 2018 Newport Annual Juried Members Show at the Newport Art Museum.  Join us for an opening reception Friday, February 2nd from 7-9pm as we celebrate, discuss and ponder the work and creativity of over 20 artists from the Newport Area.

Every year there are countless pieces that don’t appeal to the Juror for the Museum show so we’re hanging the walls with 20+ fantastic pieces that we think were overlooked. Join us and see what else Newport’s artists have created!

The show will be hung in traditional Salon style and showcase an eclectic mix of subjects, styles and sizes all with a fantastic vitality.

Join us to celebrate the tradition famously started when Napoleon offered a Salon De Refusés to those excluded from the Annual Paris Salon show in 1863.

The exhibition will be on view from Feb. 2 – Feb. 19. 

Check the contact page or give us a call for up-to-date hours.

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Exhibiting Artists

Nina Ackman | Jill Brody | Jody Brown | Charlene Carpenzano | Joe Delaney | Landon Durak | Daniel Erickson | Kristie Gardiner | Allison Gardiner | Sylvia Hampton | Pamela Hicks | Mary Hurwitz | Daniel McManus | Arthur Mead | Meghan Muller | Maureen Murray | Andrea Pilling | John Redick | Pamela Redick | Brooke Roberts | Megan Robertson | Jenna Roy | Peggy Twist | Matthew Witterschein | Ruthie Wood

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