Beavertail Hand coated Aluminum print
Individually brushed hand coated aluminum prints

Nesbitt’s favorite process is a direct print to metal using a special hand brushed print coating. He offers this unique technique for making one of a kind images printed directly on an aluminum sheet.

Each piece is hand sanded and sealed.  Then the coating is brushed on leaving the dramatic brushed edge.  Making the print itself has proved so challenging that Nesbitt has built his own modified epson printer just for the purpose.  The final step is a satin top coating which seals it, preserving the print and aluminum as an archival, fine art object.  Nesbit then float mounts the aluminum sheet either on a solid block or a hand made float frame.

Nesbitt’s can be commissioned to make hand coated aluminum prints of any of his images.  Below are works already made by the artist, these are the actual pieces in stock and hang in your home.