• zebras in the Serengeti - fine art photograph by Alexander Nesbitt

    Zebras in Ngorongoro Park – Hand-coated Aluminum Print

    $ 150.00

    STRIPES! Zebras are packed so closely together the environment around them is a mystery.

    This is an 8×12 hand-coated aluminum print – Alexander Nesbitt’s own style. Each one is unique. Prints include a pre-attached block on the back of the print for easy hanging.

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    $ 30.00$ 1,900.00

    A sunset ride down pristine Mamoli Beach, Southern Mozambique

  • Camels in Mali

    Camels Rest

    $ 30.00$ 1,250.00

    Essakane, Mali – Camels at the Festival Au desert. The music festival north of Timbuktu.

  • Baby Zebra

    $ 30.00$ 595.00

    Ngornongoro Park, Tanzania – A baby zebra close by mom’s side.

  • Baby Elephant

    $ 30.00$ 595.00

    Serengeti, Tanzania – A baby elephant plays in the mud around a watering hole.

  • Giraffe

    $ 30.00$ 1,250.00

    Namibia, 2004 – Giraffe sticks tongue out while grazing at Etosha National Park.

  • Camel Smile

    $ 30.00$ 950.00

    Egypt, 2000 – Camel face super close up on desert camel trek.

  • Elephant family in serengeti by Alexander Nesbitt

    Elephant Family in Serengeti

    $ 30.00$ 1,250.00

    Tanzania, Serengeti – A family of elephants, rear view.