Canvas Prints - Gallery Wraps and Float Framing


Canvas Print of Anquilla water

We print our canvas prints in house here in Newport RI. We use several giant Epson printers and a nice canvas made by an old company called Fredrix. Probably the best thing about our canvases is the coating. We hand spray a special acrylic coating made for canvas prints that makes then look great and really last. They are perfectly water and UV protected.

We can print any image in the collections as a canvas but below are some selections to give you an idea what they are like when finished.

  • Oracle Racing America’s Cup World Series 2012 – 32×48 Canvas

    Sale! $ 200.00

    Oracle 5 races past the Newport Bridge in the America’s Cup world series 2012

    Stretched canvas print 32x48x2.5″


  • 24x36 gallery wrapped canvas print - soothing goat island scene

    Serene Harbor – 24×36 Canvas

    Sale! $ 450.00

    The Newport Harbor is a serene setting in this 24×36 canvas print. Bright spinnakers dot the water between the Goat Island Lighthouse and the Newport Bridge on a summer afternoon.

    Edition Number: AP

    Dimensions: 24 x 36 x 1.25

  • 24x36 canvas print of a del's lemonade truck

    Dels Lemonade – 24×36 Canvas

    $ 600.00

    Nothing says summer in Little Rhody like a Del’s Lemonade at the beach. Show your love for the Ocean State with this playful pop of graphic color. This canvas print is 3 feet wide – it would look perfect in your kitchen or dining room. It might have some minor blemishes or wear on the edges, sold as is.

    Image size: 24×36

    Gallery wrap canvas – stretcher depth 2″

    *Ships in 2-3 days*

  • Photograph of the Water's Edge in Anguilla by Alexander Nesbitt

    Water’s Edge, Anguilla – 22×48 Canvas

    $ 800.00

    Anguilla’s famous aqua water meets the shore in a scene that feels like a dream. Gallery wrapped photograph on canvas, 22×48. Perfect size for above your sofa, bed, or in any meditation space.

    Image: 22×48

    Gallery wrap canvas – stretcher depth 2.5″

    *Ships in 2-3 days*

    Limited edition of  25 prints

  • photograph of the Newport Bridge silhouetted by a blazing red sunset

    Red Sunset – 32×48 Canvas

    $ 900.00

    The Newport Bridge is silhouetted by a blazing red sunset over the bay. Gallery wrap canvas print is 4 feet wide and has a UV protective coating ensuring vibrant color for years to come.

    Image size: 32×48

    Gallery wrap canvas – stretcher depth is 2.5″

    Print edition number: 5/10

  • sunset off brenton point image printed on canvas

    Brenton Point Sunset – 22×48 Canvas

    $ 800.00

    The view South off Brenton Point State Park at sunset. Panoramic proportions make this 4 foot wide canvas print perfect for any room (dining room, over the couch, above the headboard…) Plus, if you study closely you’ll find a fishing boat dead center on the horizon, truly a documentary scene!

    Image size: 22×48

    Gallery wrap canvas – stretcher depth 2.5″

    Number of prints in edition: 25

    *Ships in 2-3 days*

  • 24x36 canvas print of heavy rain in a bamboo grove

    Tropical Rain – 24×36 Canvas

    $ 600.00

    A lush tropical scene!

    Image size: 24×36

    Gallery wrapped canvas – stretcher depth 2″

    Print edition number: AP

    There is a minor print defect in this piece – its really hard to notice unless you study it quite hard, and undetectable from a distance!

  • image of zebras printed on canvas

    Zebras in Ngorongoro – 17.5×26 Canvas

    $ 375.00

    Texture and stripes! This 26″ wide canvas shows a close up of zebras, taken while on safari in Tanzania.

    Image size: 17.5×26

    Gallery wrap canvas – stretcher depth is 2″

    Print edition number: 4/50

  • "Soul Alley" image printed on canvas

    Soul Alley – 32×48 Canvas

    $ 900.00

    Brighter times ahead! Try not to smile when looking at this scene. A man walks down the Soul Alley singing after the rain has cleared.  This piece is 4′ wide, it will fill any room with good vibes.

    Image size: 32×48

    Gallery wrap canvas – stretcher depth is 2.5″



  • 22x48 canvas print, man relaxes in shadow of old beached boat Sal, Cape Verde

    Relax – 22×48 Canvas

    $ 800.00

    Taking it easy, a man relaxes in the shadow of a broken, beached boat. This 4 foot wide canvas print makes a chill statement in any room. Image size: 22×48

    Gallery wrap canvas – stretcher depth 2.5″



  • 24x36 canvas print of full moon over the shipyard

    Masts – 24×36 Canvas

    $ 600.00

    Full moon shines through the last bit of light above a sea of ship’s masts at the Newport Shipyard. This scene is graphically powerful with a subtle color palette. A lovely addition to any coastal room, and at 3 feet wide the perfect size to hang above a mantle.

    Image size: 24×36

    Gallery wrap canvas – stretcher depth is 2″

    Print edition number: 6/50


  • sachuest beach at night printed on canvas

    Sachuest Night – 32×50 Canvas

    $ 900.00

    Now half off! Deep blue is broken up by the last sliver of orange light as the sun slips behind the horizon. The steeple at St. George’s School is the only noticeable landmark visible on the horizon.

    Image size: 32×50

    Gallery wrapped canvas -stretcher depth 2.5″