Gifts for Her

Gifts for her do exist! Listen up, guys. The ladies at Blink know you have no idea what to get us for the holiday. Sure, you could get us a gift card and take the easy way out. Or maybe a new outfit, except you’re risking getting the wrong size. Flowers and chocolate? Wait no, those are for the holiday coming up in a couple of months (you’re going to want to get ready for that soon too, heads up).

Here’s what we have at the gallery that are perfect gifts for her.  Something for all the ladies in your life. Whether she’s the hostess you can never please *cough* custom coasters *cough* or the fashionista who has to be “different” (think- Mapisart scarves?), we’ve got something for everyone.

  • Newport Map Blanket

    Newport Map Blanket

    $ 65.00
  • Newport Coaster set #1

    Marble Coasters with Newport photos (set#1)

    $ 49.00
  • Marble Coasters with Newport photos (set#2)

    $ 49.00
  • Coaster set 3 - Dels lemonade, Lunar Masts, Sachuest Beach, Schooner Madeline

    Coaster Set – Marble with Newport photos (set#3)

    $ 49.00
  • blink gift card - gift certificate

    Blink Gallery Classic Paper Gift Certificate

    $ 50.00$ 500.00
  • gift card graphic

    Gift Card – All Occasions

    $ 50.00-$ 250.00
  • Christmas Gift Card

    Christmas Gift Card

    $ 50.00-$ 250.00
  • Bridge Red Sunset Coaster

    $ 14.00
  • Sachuest Beach Coaster

    $ 14.00
  • Castle Hill Inn coaster

    $ 14.00
  • Shipyard Masts on a Marble Coaster

    Shipyard Masts Coaster

    $ 14.00
  • Schooner Madeline Coaster

    $ 14.00

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