green light

  • calm sunset of the point in Newport, RI

    Calm Sunset off the Point

    $ 30.00$ 2,500.00

    Newport Bridge and Goat Island light are seen clearly during a dead calm sunset with a yacht moored near Newport’s ‘The Point’ neighborhood.

  • Blue Dusk, Newport Bridge Aluminum print - hand coated

    Newport Bridge Aluminum print – Handcoated – “Blue Dusk”

    $ 175.00

    8″ x 12″ inkjet print on hand prepared and coated aluminum

  • Blue Dusk on the Point with the Newport Bridge

    Blue Dusk

    $ 30.00$ 1,900.00

    A lovely view while sailing home as blue dusk settles over the Newport Pell Bridge, the Newport Harbor Light and a single sail boat.

  • Goat island Lighthouse

    Mauve Haze with Goat Island Lighthouse – photoblock

    $ 45.00

    The Goat island Lighthouse with it’s green light and the Newport ‘Pell’ bridge in mauve fog – as a vertical handmade photo block by Alexander Nesbitt

  • Newport Bridge Sunset with Clear Sky

    Newport Bridge Sunset with Clear Sky

    $ 30.00$ 1,250.00

    Newport Bridge sunset with clear sky as the last light of sunset glows on an especially clear evening with silhouettes of boats, the Newport Pell Bridge and the Newport Harbor Lighthouse on Goat Island.

  • Goat Island Light house

    Green Light, Mauve Sky

    $ 30.00$ 1,900.00

    The green glow of the Newport Harbor Light contrasts with the mauve and orange tones of a Newport sunset.

  • Sailing Home

    $ 30.00$ 1,250.00

    A Shields sailboat passes in front of the setting sun near the Newport Harbor Light on Goat Island in Narragansett Bay.

  • Orange Sunset Over Newport

    $ 30.00$ 1,250.00

    Orange sunset glows behind the Newport Pell Bridge with green light from Goat Island’s Newport Harbor Lighthouse and boater passing through.