second beach

  • Del's lemonade truck

    Del’s Lemonade Truck

    $ 30.00$ 2,500.00

    Is there anything more refreshing in the summertime than a frosty Del’s Lemonade?!

    A Rhode Island favorite, Del’s lemonade is sold from wonderful old trucks at Newport area beaches. This Del’s truck is parked at ‘Surfer’s End’ at 2nd beach.

  • Surfing Sachuest, Second Beach middletown, RI.

    Surfing Purgatory

    $ 30.00$ 2,500.00

    Surfing Sachuest or “Second” beach at surfers end where the swells roll past the opening of Purgatory Chasm.  Middletown, RI.

  • Sachuest Gull

    $ 30.00$ 1,900.00

    Seagull swoops across the frame above a pair of cresting waves towards Sachuest Point National Wildlife Refuge.

  • Fine Art, Photography, Newport Art, Local Artist, Unique Home Goods, Locally-made, Newport Gifts, Travel Art, Handmade

    Golden Ripples, Sachuest Beach

    $ 30.00$ 1,900.00

    Gentle waves and an outgoing tide make golden ripples in the beach sand at Sachuest Beach

  • Sachuest Beach Night, fine art photograph by Alexander Nesbitt

    Clear Night – Sachuest Beach

    $ 30.00$ 1,900.00

    Last light fades away on a crystal clear night above calm water and glassy shore at Sachuest Beach.

  • Second Beach at Night, a fine art photograph by Alexander Nesbitt

    Sachuest beach-night

    $ 30.00$ 1,250.00

    Twilight falls through a cloudless sky over calm water at Sachuest Beach (2nd beach), a Newport favorite. The outline of St. George’s provides the only landmark reference.

  • Sachuest Beach-Second Beach with a Winter Sunset. Fine art photograph by Alexander Nesbitt

    Second Beach Winter Sunset

    $ 30.00$ 1,250.00

    Second Beach Winter sunset also known as Sachuest Beach in winter the blues and oranges of a calm sunset at with St. Georges chapel in the distance.

  • Dusk at Sachuest or Second Beach

    Sachuest Night – photoblock

    $ 45.00

    Night sky over sachuest, second beach – vertical

  • Golden Sunset – 2nd Beach – vertical

    $ 30.00$ 1,250.00

    A dramatic sunset spreads over Sachuest Beach creating a glistening reflection on the sand.

  • Glowing Shore at Sachuest Beach. Photograph by Alexander Nesbitt

    Glowing Shore – 2nd Beach

    $ 30.00$ 1,900.00

    Afternoon sun reflects on glowing shore break at Sachuest Beach; St George’s Chapel is centered in the background on the hill. Second Beach, near Newport, RI.

  • St. George’s School Chapel

    $ 30.00$ 1,250.00

    St George’s Church and School from Sachuest Beach, Middletown, RI. Also Second beach, near Newport, RI.