Slate Paintings by Molly Sexton - Petrichor show

Slate paintings – A show of acrylic paintings on reclaimed 1880’s slate roof tiles

PETRICHOR ((whomp whomp))

petrichor (n.): the distinctive scent of rain on parched earth; From Greek petr(o) – (of or pertaining to stone) and ichor (a bloodlike essence flowing in the veins of gods)

Molly Sexton’s slate paintings are a reaction to the textures, colors and stimuli around her using only the primitive, ancient glyph of the circle and her extraordinary sense of color.  Literally blind in her mind’s eye, Molly paints not by pre visualizing but by improvising in real time sensing what’s next one move at a time.  For Molly, concentric circles imply contact: ripples, fluidity, echoes, a pulse (whomp . . . whomp).

It is as if these paintings are for listening to.

She has been painting since 2017, finding release first in painting formal mandalas on stones and then by exploring more abstract geometries and intuiting vibrations between colors. The slate paintings make their public debut with this exhibition.

My body is a resonant thing, made for percussion and song. My heart is a natural amphitheater. My vibe is vibration. On the inside, I am like a dervish: ecstatic, boundless. On the outside it looks as though I am merely dancing.

~ Molly Sexton