• surfing purgatory image by Alexander Nesbitt

    Surfing Purgatory – Dye Sublimation on Aluminum

    $ 600.00

    The black shadow of Purgatory Chasm slices through the rocks as a lone surfer rides towards “Surfer’s End” at Second Beach. Effortlessly cool in its natural tones – almost black & white – with a hint of warmth cast from the late afternoon sun.

    This print is 16×24 – a float-mounted dye sublimation on aluminum in a gloss finish.

    Limited edition of 25

  • Nesbitt_Walsh surfing Ruggles

    Surfing Ruggles – Hand-Coated Aluminum Print

    $ 150.00

    8″ x 12″ inkjet print on hand prepared and coated aluminum

  • Surfing Sachuest, Second Beach middletown, RI.

    Surfing Purgatory

    $ 30.00$ 2,500.00

    Surfing Sachuest or “Second” beach at surfers end where the swells roll past the opening of Purgatory Chasm.  Middletown, RI.

  • Surfing Ruggles - Ian Walsh 360

    Surfing Ruggles – Ian Walsh 360

    $ 30.00$ 1,250.00

    Surfing Ruggles point in Newport RI. Pro Surfer Ian Walsh pulls a 360 on big east coast swell of tropical storm Katia.

  • Surfing Ruggles

    $ 30.00$ 1,250.00

    Surfer catches a winter swell at Ruggles Point.

  • Surfer Takes Flight

    $ 30.00$ 1,250.00

    South Africa, Elands Bay 2004 – Surfer’s board is buried in the wave lending the appearance that he took flight, like the flying gull.