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How its made: Photo Blocks

PHOTO BLOCK – a coated fine art inkjet print mounted to 3/4” baltic birch plywood, created in Newport, RI by photographer Alexander “Sandy” Nesbitt (known variations: blocks, photo plaque, wood plaque, photo on wood, photoblock, wood mounted print) 

Photo blocks are handmade art prints, created and produced at Sandy’s studio using his own photography and coating techniques refined over the last 25 years of producing fine art pieces involving mounted prints. Designed to offer a small print that doesn’t require framing, each block has a pre-cut slot in the back for easy hanging. The 3/4” thickness of the wood also allows the small prints to stand on edge for easy display on a shelf. While each image can be printed over and over again, each photo block is produced by hand and therefore bears the signature of the artist. 

Watch Sandy in action in this short video:

A good craftsman never shares all of his secrets. . . you won’t find a similar style product out there made with the same attention detail and clarity of image!

Blink always has over 100 photo blocks in stock! Any image in the photo collection can be made as a block – don’t see it in stock? Just ask.

Blocks are available in 3 standard sizes: small 5×8, large 8×12, and pano 5×16. Not every image is available in panorama, as this is usually a cropped version of a full frame. The size ratios work out really well if you want to make a group. Why pick a favorite, when you can make a whole collection!

Curious about how other prints are made? Start here with a look at dye sublimation prints.

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Photo Block Options

Blink Gallery’s photo blocks are handmade by Newport, Rhode Island based photographer Alexander Nesbitt. The process has been perfected over the last two years, and involves a really big printer (printing awesome photos), a super cool glue machine, the finest quality baltic birch plywood, and a finish coat of lacquer applied by hand. Of course, its much more technical than that…the point is, these are little mini art objects. Its explained with a little more finesse on our photo block page.

What the block page doesn’t completely explain are the size options! As with most things, one size doesn’t fit all. So we expanded the line to give you more options. Regular, Large, Jumbo, Panoramic…all fitting together pretty well due to a carefully calculated size ratio.

photo block size options
A few block combos, showing panoramic, large and regular sized blocks

How big are photo blocks?

Regular: 5″ x 8″

Large: 8″ x 12″

Panoramic: 15.75″ x 5.25″

Jumbo : 15.75″ x 11.75″ (not pictured)

It important to note that not all of the pictures can be cropped to panoramic. Some images just don’t work that way…or they won’t look good. If you have an idea, and you don’t see it listed as an option its best just to ask. We’ll tell you if we think it will work or not!