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Choosing The Right Size for Artwork

Deciding on the size of artwork

A size toolkit for filling the empty space above your bed, couch, mantle…

We have all experienced the times after moving to a new house, apartment or condo when we have unpacked all of our things and felt satisfied with what we have accomplished. But then we realize…the walls are bare! We endeavor to find just the right thing to hang in that space, but the task seems unreasonably difficult. What size is the right size to hang there??

At our photography studio, we have heard this question come up quite often. So we decided to help you out by creating this chart.

choosing the right artwork size for your space

You can download the PDF here – Viewing Distance chart

If it still seems complicated, try thinking the same way you would when you buy a television. How close will you be? Do you want to have to squint? If you’re very close will you be able to see the middle and edges at the same time?

Now that you’re armed with information – good luck with your search for the perfectly sized piece!