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You need art!

You need art. You can invest in something that tells you every day that you have what you need. Something that says life is more than a struggle and in some measure a product of your aspirations and dreams. You can declare that you have room beyond the bare necessities to enjoy life.

Those walls don’t just hold up the roof, they surround you and make your experience of home, family, work, or career what it is. But what are they? Blank? Naked? Lame? Noncommittal? Make your walls a testament to your inspiration, a record of your interaction with your town and the creative outer limits of your people!

-Alexander Nesbitt 2017


You need art! - Colossal Buddha, Wat Si Chum, Sokothai, thailand
Colossal Buddha, Wat Si Chum, Sokothai, Thailand

Drop by the gallery or browse some of our collection here:  The photography collection is here and the paintings are here.  Let’s see if the walls around you can speak to you.

A sunset ride down pristine Mamoli Beach, Southern Mozambique